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Angående "Panda eyes"

Läs här en förklarande text på nya regeln om icke önskade "Panda eyes" som finns beskrivet i blå boken från ECAHO:

Panda Eyes

As of 1st January 2010, the rule 31a for the "Rules for Conduct of Shows", prohibiting "Panda eyes" came into force. Time was allowed until 1st of May, before sanctions for disobeying this rule were given but as of this date, any horses appearing at a show with panda eyes are not being allowed to participate.

The Disciplinary Committee members have been given the following guidelines, which will be strictly applied at all shows:

  • According to art.31 a) RCS Panda eyes are not permitted.
  • Although the head and face of the horse may be clipped as stated in art.31 a) RCS, there will be no discernible ring of shorter hair around the eyes.
  • There will be ZERO tolerance for Panda eyes.


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